Welcome to Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia

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We have both voting paid memberships and free non-voting memberships available.

Voting (Supporting Paid) Membership Benefits include:

  • Name Badge (Club ID & Lanyard)
  • Two rear side window vehicle stickers,
  • Discounts
    • Club Gear Shop (coming soon)

All members have access to any Sponsor discounts & group buys.


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We have several local chapters operating around the province with more to come. If you have twenty five members or more, please consider joining us and become a Chapter.

Our club is officially recognized by Tesla Inc*. We are incorporated in the province of BC as a member funded non-profit society. Our members consist of owners, prospective owners and enthusiasts. For more details, see About us.
* Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia is not affiliated with Tesla Canada ULC, Tesla Inc. or its subsidiaries. We are independent, but work with Tesla collaboratively through the official Tesla Owners Program. We are part of an international group of other official clubs and provide feedback and support to Tesla for the benefits of our members and to support Tesla in their mission.
** Only one membership per household required.
*** The annual 20% off promotional code for the Official Canada Tesla Shop only applies to Apparel and most Lifestyle items. Not valid for: die cast vehicles, Radio Flyer Model S for kids, wireless chargers, charging, vehicle accessories and parts.