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    The update that will perform all these improvements is 2019.36.1. Anyone receive it yet?

  • Kenneth Jensen started the topic Range Upgrade in the forum General 8 months, 1 week ago

    The Tesla website shows the Model 3 with increased range and the news sites are full of news about an over air firmware upgrade to increase range from the previous 380 km. Has anyone in BC received this upgrade? I have not seen it.

  • Just to complete the record I will note that I am still not eligible for the rebate as I had the Tesla wall charger installed just before the rebate program was started. However I am pleased to see the government was ready to listen to feedback. It would be interesting to know how many letters and other messages they received urging them to…[Read more]

  • Thank you. I will resubmit my claim.

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  • What happened to the Newsletter? The last issue asked members to write to the BV Government concerting Tesla wall connectors. Here is my effort. (The formatting is not accurate in this copy and paste).

    Christina Ianniciello
    Director, Clean Transportation
    British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum
    PO Box 9314
    Station Provincial…[Read more]

  • Hello Again Hugh,

    Well, that did not take long. My application has been denied, but not for the reasons you explained. I failed to notice that the offer was not retroactive. The program only came into effect at the end of September; I made the purchase and had the installation done in August.

    Ken Jensen

  • Thank you Hugh. Not what I wanted to hear of course, but good to have the information. I will let you know if there is an unexpected outcome.

  • I have just submitted an application for a BC rebate for installing a charging station in my garage. I am concerned that the Tesla connector is not listed as an approved device. The application invited me to type in the name of my device if it was not listed and I did this, but the concern remains. Do any members have experience with this…[Read more]