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    Akis LagoudakisAkis Lagoudakis


    I just received my model 3 SR on Tuesday. I am looking at what the best way to setup home charging is. I will for sure have some type of Level 2 charging but here is what I am curious about. My electrical panel is at the back of my garage, I would like to have the option of charging my car in the driveway and not always inside the garage, hence I require a longer cable. The Tesla home charger with an 18′ cable I do not think will reach out to the driveway unless it is installed closer to the garage door. All I can see on Tesla website is the 8′ and 18′ option for it, although when I picked up the car the Tesla fellow mentioned that there might be a 30′ option but he was unable to locate it on the website.

    In this case am I better off installing a Nema 14-50 plug and going with some type of after market charger? If yes what would you recommend, ideally I would like to have a 30′-40’option if possible.

    Secondly, can anyone suggest any moulded car mats other than the Tesla or Weather tech ones that they are happy with? I found on partsengine.ca the U-Guard 3D KAGU Maxpider Custom Fitted Floor Liners which look quite nice but when I called to order they told me to wait 3-4 weeks for the 2021 model ones as the ones they currently have are for 2020 and will be slightly off on the fit. I would like to get something relatively quickly with the weather being what it is.

    Lastly , what shop would you recommend for paint protection film and window tinting.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Paul CarterPaul Carter

    Please see our sponsors Abstract Energy & Cielo Electric Ltd for advice on home charging options.

    Please see our sponsor EVITEMS.COM for options for floor mats and our facebook group for recommendations on possible other suppliers and paint protection.

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