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    Paul Carter

    Collision Repair, Glass Replacement Mobile App , and Seasonal Tire Swaps Appointments

    In Canada you cannot book Collision Repair and Glass Replacements via the mobile app, despite the option.

    You need to find your nearest certified repair shop at Tesla’s Body Shop[ Support page.

    Here are some Glass Repair/Replacement options.
    Visions Auto Glass (604) 258-7519

    October 2019 Update:
    Tesla no longer books appointments for Season Tire swaps. Please let us know of any local shops in your area that are experienced with Teslas and have the correct lifting equipment. We’ll try and list them here.

    If you orders Tires from the Tesla Shop, please be aware they’ll get shipping to a local service center or a 3rd party for handling by a third party. We are trying to find out more on how this service can be improved. Also inquire if they can be sent to another 3rd party or to you directly.

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    Paul Carter

    Referral Program in British Columbia

    Please note that referrers (owners providing a referral code to a buyer) aren’t eligible for rewards & prizes.

    However, the buyer is eligible to “Save” on their eligible purchase by using anyone’s referral code.

    Thus buyers can receive program incentives like Free Supercharging for the life of the car, or distance credits (e.g. 1,500 Free Supercharger kilometres), etc. depending on the current referral program running.

    Allan Harding

    I didn’t realize that in BC we weren’t eligible for rewards. Any idea why? I’ve made referrals and have free supercharging already so the free km’s they’re giving can’t be used. I was hoping for entries for a Y or Roadster but when I dug into the fine print I saw that residents of BC aren’t eligible.

    Paul Carter

    It’s due to a law in the Motor Vehicle Act. There’s a change.org petition to change it: https://www.change.org/p/transportation-minister-remove-bcs-bird-dogging-laws-for-evs-to-support-a-sustainable-transportation-future

    Allan Harding

    Thank you Paul! Petition signed and shared to Twitter and Facebook


    March 24th, 2020

    The petition is now up to 386 signatures.

    Cheers! Hugh

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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